About Us

The Mission

Help aspiring professionals work better by making business information more practical.

Who We Are

We’ve started our journey by writing how-to guides on HR, where a practical guidance was totally missing. Since then, we’ve expanded our scope to every aspect of businesses, realizing almost all business information aren’t actionable nor useful.

We research thousands of articles, programs, tools, and companies and then intelligently curate them to provide the world’s most practical work guides for aspiring professionals. We hope GAIDOL will help you boost your performance at work and elevate your career.

GAIDOL was founded by Haegwan Kim, an internationally recognized business consultant and writer. After working with many companies in various industries and interviewing Nobel laureates, Forbes 500 executives, and successful entrepreneurs, he created GAIDOL to share the lessons he learned along the way. Haegwan now serves as the Editor in Chief at GAIDOL.